I have always been a keen photographer but began to take it more seriously about four years ago.

Particular areas of interest include sports and landscapes but I also enjoy other types of photography.

With sport I like to capture the action in such a way that shows the power, speed and determination of the athlete. It provides an arena where the subject provides a spectrum of emotion from the joy of victory to the pain of defeat and everything in between.

Based in Enniskillen and with easy access to diverse landscape from the Fermanagh lakes and countryside, the Irish west coast and the beautiful towns and villages throughout the country, it’s hard not to be interested in landscapes. As an outdoor person I like nothing better than to head off into the countryside in search of the ideal shot!

I am also keen on other areas of photography such as portraiture(when I can get somebody to pose for me) and natural history and have been known to do the odd wedding.

My work has been published in several newspapers, magazines and websites and I have also picked up a few awards in my time. Long may it continue!!!

Anyway, enjoy the site. Maybe you’ll see something you like.